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There are many types and approaches to meditation. From a simple walk in nature to studies with a Zen Master, opportunities to reconnect with source are plentiful.

Guided Meditation or Visualization

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin to meditate is through guided meditation or visualization. In guided meditation there is the voice of a guide or facilitator that directs the meditation process. Guided meditation is ideal for anyone who has difficulty concentrating. It is also a great fit with our modern lifestyles which allow little time for traditional meditation practices.

Guided meditation or visualization provides a version of an activity-based meditation that uses the mind and emotions rather than the physical body to access altered states of being. Guided meditation can combine elements of mindfulness through periods of silence as well as concentration or focus on a set of repetitive images or words.

With guided meditations positive results can be achieved in as little as three to five minutes a day. Particularly helpful is using a guided meditation to relax in the evening before bedtime so the mental busyness of the mind is quieted allowing for a more restful and restorative sleep.

If you would like to develop a meditation practice in your own life, then join me for a bi-weekly meditation group or email me at if you would like to schedule an appointment for individual meditation instruction. 

See the CALENDAR page of this website for group meditation dates and registration information.

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